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Kwekwe to Mvuma electricity transmission line in Zimbabwe gets Chinese funding

Tsingshan Limited, a Chinese steel giant, is set to give Zesa Holdings $60 million to build the Kwekwe to Mvuma electricity transmission line. This comes after the Chinese firm requested that Zesa upgrade portions of its infrastructure, but the electricity provider baulked.

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Kwekwe to Mvuma Electricity Transmission Line and Sustainable Power

The steel company is building a US$3 billion stainless steel production factory in Zimbabwe’s Midlands area through its Selous-based ferrochrome smelting subsidiary Afrochine. Tsingshan has been looking at developing a sustainable power infrastructure as part of the early stages. The Kwekwe to Mvuma electricity transmission line has been a priority for the country.

A total of 1 000 megawatts (MW) would be required by the Chinese enterprise, out of 2 300MW requested by the Treasury. The high voltage electricity must next be transmitted from Sherwood in Kwekwe to Mvuma, which will necessitate building a powerline. Various talks are taking place with the Chinese business, offering a tariff reduction once the steel facility begins operations.

Tsingshan Limited is one of the world’s major stainless steel producers, with annual revenue of almost US$10 billion. In 2021, the government formed an inter-ministerial group to speed up the development of a multibillion-dollar carbon steel facility in Mvuma. A fluorite and limestone manufacturing factory will be built, and the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has been charged with designing a railway line to connect Mvuma and Manize, where the plant would be built on a 1,5-square-kilometer plot of land.

In June 2018, Afrochine inked a $1 billion deal to develop the facility, which would have a capacity of two million tonnes of steel per year. At the Selous smelter complex, Tsingshan manufactures ferrochrome through Afrochine. Since 2018, the China-Zimbabwe relationship has evolved into a comprehensive strategic and long-term cooperation partnership. China has undertaken several projects in Zimbabwe over the years, including the modernization of Robert Mugabe International Airport and the construction of a new parliament building, among other capital projects.

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