Latvia’s Kurzéme Offshore wind farm to start operating before 2030

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German company PNE and Nordic wind power developer Eolus have partnered to build a 1GW offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. Off the west coast of Latvia, the Kurzéme offshore wind farm is scheduled to start operating before 2030. The project will be able to produce 4.5TWh of renewable electricity annually once it is up and running.

Eolus and PNE now owns a 50% stake each, in SIA Kurzéme Offshore project. Markus Lesser, chairman of the PNE Board of Management, stated: “We are eager to bring our extensive knowledge of offshore wind to this partnership. Together with Eolus as a dependable partner, we anticipate a successful project development.

“The purchase of the 50% interest in SIA Kurzéme Offshore is another development in our strategic growth as a provider of clean energy solutions. Our “pipeline” of offshore wind projects is now extended to the Baltics. We anticipate working with our new partner and see more promising futures for our activities in this area.”

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Kurzéme Offshore project

After receiving a research licence, the businesses will conduct Environmental Impact Assessment surveys for the Kurzéme project for which they have submitted applications. According to Eolus, Kurzéme will gain resources and expertise as a result of its partnership with PNE.

Since 2020, the company has been working on the project and conducting preliminary research. Per Witalisson, CEO of Eolus, stated: “We have a strong project portfolio. Consequently, we have been operating in the Baltics for more than ten years. We are currently expanding our business in the Baltic countries, where we see great potential.

“We are excited to work with PNE on the Kurzéme project. PNE is an experienced and capable offshore wind developer. We have excellent conditions for this project to succeed, along with Eolus’ strong development abilities.