Liberia signs US $34m deal for Gbedin waterfalls hydropower project

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The government of Liberia has signed a financial agreement worth US $34m with the African Development Bank (AfDB) for Gbedin waterfalls hydropower project. The funds will see construction of a mini dam on the Saint John River and the Gbedin Fall mini hydropower plant (HPP) in Nimba County in north-eastern Liberia.

According to the agreement the project is expected to be implemented over a 4-year period. The dam is expected to have a capacity of 9.34 MW and will serve as a source of reliable, sustainable and affordable power in the region. It will occupy an area of 22 hectares. A 100 m-long penstock will descend the falls to reach a hydroelectric power plant equipped with turbines.

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Benefits of the project

Electricity by the plant will reach 7,000 households through an 8km, 33-kV transmission line.The connection point will be close to the town of Kitoma, along the main Ganta-Sanniquellie road, with a total length of 7.8km. It will also enable expansion of the power grid to isolated localities and remote areas, encouraging the connection of more households, schools, health centers, businesses and industries to the national grid. The project is being developed in the Sanniquellie-Mahn district which is part of Nimba County

The construction of the Gbedin mini-hydroelectric plant is part of the Renewable Energy for Electrification of Liberia (REEL) Project. Funded by the AfDB, to electrify the country through renewable energy. Besides increased access to electricity, the project will also foster the increased use of renewable energy sources, improve annual electricity generation, contribute to the reduction of electricity generation cost, reduce fossil energy consumption and create job opportunities.

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