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Liberia to construct 50 000 affordable homes

Liberia’s National Housing Authority (NHA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an affordable home developer, GELPAZ Liberia to develop 50000 affordable housing units.

According to Hon. Isaac Roberts, Jr, Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services at the NHA, the project will involve at least 500 units. It will spread in two communities Memeh Town, near Ricks Institute and VOA in Brewerville and Montserrado County first as it aims to further the construction in 15 counties.

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An additional 12.5 acres of land has been acquired to the already owned 12.5 acres of land in VOA area. The land will be developed to resettle about 64 families living in temporary homes near VOA, Brewerville.

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Use of 90% locally alternative materials

The acquired land is close to the beach with a beach front design that will be built at a cost of twelve to fifteen thousand dollars. The housing will comprise of one bedroom apartment, two bedroom, three bedroom and four bedroom apartment represented by F1, F2, F3, and F4 respectively.

Mr. Roberts also added that the units will be sub divided into four categories namely social, luxurious, economy luxurious and pro-poor housing. He explains that the division was to give Liberians financial options they can choose from according to their financial positions.

Robertsfield Highway – Sarpawein or Tower Hill and the Schefillin Town will also be targeted. The units will be built using up to 90% locally alternative materials.

60% of Liberians in urban areas live in the slums in a country where urbanization rate is 3 per cent. The housing crisis came after years of civil war. NHA estimates that by 2030, 500 000 housings will be needed.

The NHA is also holding talks with other investors for construction of an additional 30 000 units across the country. This is in efforts of President George Weah’s pledge of building affordable homes.


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  1. I am very happy to hear this news about building affordable housing for Liberian however my concern is about substandard buildings that won’t last long.
    2. What qualifications will be use in qualifying for the affordable home?
    3. Is there going to be mortgages payments before owning the property and if so how many years?
    4. If this units will be build together who going to clean the entire property?
    5. Is there going to be any down payment before moving in the the apartment?


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