Libya: Tobruk International Airport passenger terminal construction begins

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The construction works in the new ‘‘international class’’ passenger terminal at Tobruk International Airport that serves the Mediterranean port city of Tobruk, capital of the Butnan District of Libya has begun. This is according to the airport’s management which reported that the contractor for the project, General Work Libya, which is a subsidiary of the Italian General Work Company that specializes in the construction and development of modern airports has commenced building the passenger terminal’s foundations.

General Work was awarded the contract by Libya’s eastern-based Airports Authority (LAA) for the construction of the passenger terminal in June this year. The Tobruk International Airport’s management said that in light of the conditions that the North African country is going through, including lack of liquidity in banks, high prices, and the Corona pandemic, it was grateful to General Work Libya for the efforts made despite the challenges and obstacles faced to keep to their pledge to implement the project according to the specified schedule in the contract.

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According to LAA’s statement dated back in June this year when they awarded General Work the contract for the construction of the passenger terminal, the latter will be constructed with all its facilities and accessories, and it will be of a modern design.

History of the Tobruk International Airport

The airport is the oldest in Libya and it was previously known as Gamal Abdel Nasser Airport, after the president of the former United Arab Republic. It officially opened as Tobruk International Airport in April 2013. It previously offered internal flights only before the introduction of the first international passenger flight to Alexandria, Egypt. This was operated by Libyan Airlines which also operates domestic flights to Benghazi and Tripoli.

In addition to the new passenger terminal that is currently under construction, the airport will also have a duty-free zone. Plans are also underway for the establishment of cargo services to the Tobruk’s International Airport.