Linden Comansa gets new dealer in Norway

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Starting February 2015, Linden Comansa will sign a new distributor in Norway, rental company Craneway AS. Although it is a recently created business, Craneway has a great experience, since one of its three partners, Jan Ståle Døhl, has worked in the field of tower cranes for more than 35 years and knows the Norwegian market very well.

Besides Døhl, Craneway is owned by Hæhre Entreprenør AS, one of the country’s largest construction companies, and the Mikkelsen group, which is dedicated to the rental of mobile cranes and the transportation of machinery among other businesses.

Craneway has developed a three year plan that includes the acquisition of 30 to 50 tower cranes for rent, not only to attend projects from Hæhre, but also to offer solutions to other construction companies.

The first cranes of Craneway’s rental fleet are 12 self erecting cranes provided by Hæhre, who also contributed with an experienced assembly and technical assistance team. These cranes will be soon joined by new flat-top tower cranes from Linden Comansa.

The name Craneway is a based on the words Crane and Norway, and the corporate colors are red and blue derived from the colors of the flag of the country. These corporate colors will remain in all their cranes including the upcoming Linden Comansa tower cranes: the tower sections will be blue, while the entire slewing part will be red.

Craneway’s facilities and yard are located at the Follestad industrial park, in Røyken, about 35 km away by road from the capital, Oslo.

Craneway’s experience in tower cranes and the knowledge of the Norwegian market, along with its business plan, have been decisive for Linden Comansa to enter this new and long-lasting alliance. Linden Comansa completes the distribution and service network of its tower cranes in all Scandinavian countries with the integration of Craneway.