LoA (Letter of Acceptance) for India’s Surat Metro rail project awarded

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The LoA (Letter of Acceptance) for the first phase of the Indias Surat Metro Rail which is being built to serve the second-largest city in Gujarat, has officially been awarded.

The project’s LoA was awarded to Dilip Buildcon. The company is well known as one of the largest as well as fastest-growing road companies in India. Additionally, Dilip is the Largest Engineering, Procurement, and Construction employer as well as fleet owner in India.

It received the LoA from the Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC)

An overview of the Surat Metro rail project

The entire Surat Metro Rail project was prepared by the Surat Municipal Corporation through the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). As a whole, it features 38 metro stations that are set within 2 metro corridors, Corridor-1 and Corridor-2.

Corridor-1 will stretch from Sarthana to DREAM city (Khajod). Corridor-2, on the other hand, will stretch from Bhesan to Saroli. In total, the Surat Metro rail project boasts a length of 40.35 kilometers. This is inclusive of an underground metro route that runs for a total of 6.4 kilometers.

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The entire project received approval from the Gujarat state Government back in January 2017.

Scope of the first phase of the project

The scope of the first phase of the project, the LoA of which was recently awarded, includes the construction of an elevated viaduct that runs a total length of 8.702 kilometers. In addition, the work in the first phase will also include the construction of seven stations.

The stations will start from Majura Gate to the Saroli Dead End which is right under Corridor-2. With a total cost of Rs 702.02 crore, the project aims to have reached completion within a span of 26 months.