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Lomé-Cinkassé road project to be developed jointly by Togo and ARISE IS

Lomé-Cinkassé road project in the republic of Togo will be executed with the help of ARISE Infrastructure Services (ARISE IS) which is backed by the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) and Olam International Ltd, following a joint development agreement signed between the leading infrastructure solutions provider in Africa, and the government of the West African Country.

As per the agreement, a Togolese-based company will be created by the joint venture to oversee the development of the project and launch the preliminary feasibility studies including traffic, revenue modeling, technical studies, environmental and social (E&S) analysis, and insurance.

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Definitive feasibility studies and the signing of the concession agreement are expected for the second quarter of this year, with the view to start construction works by the following quarter (Q3 2021) with a 3 years completion timeframe.

Road building companies will be selected through a tendering process.

Benefits of the project

Aligned with Togo’s National Development Plan (NDP), this significant construction project is expected to improve the transportation conditions for people and goods, and access to basic social services, markets, and production zones for the conveyance of products and goods through roads, road networks, rural roads and structures rehabilitated by the project.

The Lomé-Cinkassé road forms part of the priority highways of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) community road network. It is also the backbone of Togo’s road network, and the only road linking all the regions of the country.

Furthermore, the corridor is also very important for the sub-regions landlocked countries, particularly Burkina Faso, because the Port of Lome is currently the primary transit port for its overseas trade.

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