Mauritania to be home to world?s biggest renewable energy project

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Mauritania is set to be home to a 30GW Power-to-X project, which is expected to be the world’s biggest renewable energy project, exporting green hydrogen and its byproducts to global markets, upon completion.

This is after the government of the Islamic Republic signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CWP Global, a renewable energy development company and a global pioneer in the development of ultra-large-scale green hydrogen hubs, for the development of the said project in the North of the Northwest African country on a desert site of approximately 8,500km2.

A strategic location for the project

According to the European company, Mauritania is one of the best locations on the planet for the production of low-cost green hydrogen.

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“The proposed Power-to-X project will benefit from a stable, high-capacity factor profile at the desert site, guaranteeing some of the cheapest clean energy in the globe, and making it ideal for massive-scale green hydrogen and its byproducts.”

30GW of wind and solar will power electrolyzers for the production of green hydrogen, and play a significant role in reducing carbon pollution from energy generation, transport, agriculture, and steel production. It will also contribute immensely towards the net-zero emissions trajectories required to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Benefits of the project to the African nation

Dubbed “AMAN”, the 30GW Power-to-X projects goal is to create “a stable export vector that will generate thousands of new jobs in construction, local manufacturing, operations, and export facilitation,” according to Mark Crandall, CEO of CWP Global.

“The US$ 40bn world’s biggest renewable energy project will have a transformative effect on the Mauritanian economy, generating billions of US$ in income and providing access to cheap electricity and water for the population and for operators of the economy,” explained the CEO of CWP Global.

The Mauritanian Minister of Petroleum, Energy, and Mines (MPEM) Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh on the other hand said that the Mauritanian government is grateful to CWP and their unwavering commitment to this monumental undertaking.