Michigan Governor announces support for “Our Next Energy’s” ONE gigaplant

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The development of Our Next Energy’s (ONE) new gigaplant and the reliable delivery of their products will be supported by a significant reconstruction of Haggerty Road in Van Buren Township in Wayne County, according to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The state’s support for the company’s expansion in Michigan is anticipated to generate 2,112 new jobs. Furthermore, announced in October, the expansion involves a $1.6 billion in economic investment.

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ONE uses low cost, safe, and environmentally friendly battery chemistries for their consumer vehicles. The company has developed sustainable battery manufacturing practices for both lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and anode free cells. It plans to bring this technology to the global market by establishing its first cell and electric vehicle (EV) battery pack gigafactory.

Our Next Energy’s (ONE) expansion plans

ONE started looking for a manufacturing facility and talked about renting space at the Crossroads Distribution Center in Van Buren Township. Haggerty Road is in such bad shape and is unfit for current traffic. This poses a major problem for ONE’s growth on this site. Additionally, Wayne County and Van Buren Township agreed to attempt to get funds for the road’s reconstruction under the MDOT TEDF.

Using money from the Transportation Economic Development Fund, the $3.5 million grant was made possible (TEDF). With this guarantee, ONE agreed to spending more than $1.6 billion to build a 659,589 square foot gigafactory.

It is located at the Crossroads Distribution Center for the production of cells. Over competing locations in the US and Canada, Michigan was selected for the project. Further, by 2025, the project is expected to generate 2,112 skilled engineering, operational, and manufacturing jobs.