Ministers pass decrees concerning Sokod? and Kara Solar Power Projects in Togo

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During their recent meeting this month, the council of ministers of Togo passed two decrees concerning the Sokodé and Kara Solar Power Projects. They said that adopting the decrees would enable the start of compensation and expropriation procedures to secure the areas needed for the said projects or rather the start of the preliminary works for the construction of two solar power plants.

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Located in the localities of Salimde, in the Division of Tchaoudjo (Sokodé) and Awandjelo in the prefecture of Kozah (Kara), the power plants have a planned capacity of 60 MWp and 80 MWp.

Project under the Scaling Solar Programme

Sokodé and Kara Solar Power Projects which have already been subject to a pre-qualification notice from the Togolese Agency for Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy (AT2ER) early this year, are being developed under the Scaling Solar program.

The latter (Scaling Solar program) is a World Bank Group initiative that aims to promote photovoltaics in the African continent. It focuses on the collaboration between project developers and governments that want to increase the share of renewable energies in their countries’ energy mix or support the construction of PV plants.

Joining the Scaling Solar program

The Republic of Togo joined the Scaling Solar program back in July 2019 with the aim of producing 90 MWp through independent power producers (IPPs).

The Sokodé and Kara solar power plants will help the government reduce the West African country’s energy dependence on the outside world and achieve universal coverage by 2030 while increasing the share of renewable energy in the national electricity mix to 50%.