Mohembo bridge project in Botswana 80% complete

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Mohembo bridge project in Botswana is currently 80% complete and is set to be completed in May 2021. The project which is being undertaken by Italy’s Itinera and Cimolai joint venture as the contractor, and CPP Botswana as the supervising consultant; would make accessing of services easier by reducing crossing time and connect villages east of the river with the rest of the country.

According to Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr Thulagano Segokgo, the contractor is working towards the end of the project as the bridge decks and suspension stay cables have been installed. “Only minor works such as the construction of access roads joining villages remain and we are hopeful that he will finish on time,” said the minister after touring the project. He further added that the pontoon service currently in use was unreliable due to unfavourable weather conditions and restricted working hours.

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Attracting foreign investment

The minister was accompanied by the assistant minister of Trade, Investment and Industry, Mr Molebatsi Molebatsi who said Mohembo bridge would attract foreign investment. “My ministry is part of the project as its mandate is to facilitate trade, grow the economy and attract investors. The project would not only attract foreign investment but would also benefit sectors such as tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and the film industry,” he said.

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