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MoHERST to build agribusiness TVET Centre in Gambia

The Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (MoHERST) has disclosed plans to construct an agribusiness TVET Centre in Gambia. This is done to help the farming industry in Sapu and promote productive farming in the important area.

In a statement, Minister Gomez stated that Sapu has a Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) center for multiple purposes. He stated that they seek to establish agribusiness in Sapu, focused entirely on agriculture.

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Remarks on the proposed TVET center in Gambia

Minister Gomez stated, “You can always get water. Agriculture is an all-year endeavor. A wet season is not necessary to practice agriculture. On the other hand, this nation imports necessities. What exactly does education consist of? If we can’t fix it, it’s best if we close the schools.”

Gomez added that the government plans to construct TVET Centre in Gambia where people can receive the training they need to move from the classroom to the farm. The higher education minister added, “Agriculture cannot be practiced in a cubicle or a school. It should go further than that, but the importance of agriculture’s commercial aspect must be made very evident.

It must be made very clear what the entrepreneurial part of it is. So that when they graduate from this agricultural school, some of them can join the Ministry of Agriculture. However, the majority can open their own business because everything will be related to agriculture.”

According to Prof. Gomez, these organizations can even create equipment and implements for farmers to aid with mechanization. He said, “They have the ability to create what they consume as well as sell their produce. Because agriculture presents a land use opportunity, such is the mentality.”

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