Morocco’s renewable energy sector to be driven by Masen

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Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) will be a key player in spearheading the country’s quest for renewable power, officials say. In recent years, Morocco’s renewable energy sector has been on an upward trajectory.

Bill to boost Morocco’s renewable energy

The latest bill which was approved by government council last week is expected to boost the country’s renewable energy.The bill was hatched in December 2015.

Masen says they their success story emanates from solar power. However, they are looking wind energy whose demand is increasing.

The officials added that they will soon change its name to Moroccan agency for Sustainable energy to reflect their new responsibility.

ADEM that is the new body is expected to take responsibility of all project regarding electricity generation. It will also be in charge of renewable resources including planning, carrying out feasibility studies development and construction. It will also oversee financing,operation and maintenance.

This will help in streamlining the energy sector of Morocco. This is because the agency will be highly tasked to do the overall key strategic planning of renewable energy. Before that there has never been one energy coordination body ONEE.

ONEE will transfer to ADEM all properties, including real estate, related to renewable energy generation.

The Moroccan agency for development of renewable energy and energy efficiency ADEREE will concentrate on the energy efficiency sector.

Morocco’s renewable energy sector currently remains the leading  in Africa.

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