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Morocco has begun building SENSYO Pharmatech as part of its fight against COVID-19. The factory will produce vaccines against coronavirus and more diseases. The factory will produce 116 million units by 2024. As a result, it will help ensure “self-sufficiency”. It was launched in Bensilmane. SENSYO Pharmatech will need investments of between $445-557 million. Consequently, the Morrocan government is in partnership with Recipharm, a Swedish organization. SENSYO Pharmatech aims to be the largest fill and finish platform in Africa. As a first step, it will focus on the manufacture and syringing of vaccines and will feature three industrial lines

In addition to that, Morocco is already producing Sinopharm, a Chinese vaccine. Every month, 3 million doses of the vaccine are produced. It has plans on producing 5 million doses this month. Moreover, their annual goal sits at 20 million doses. Between 2022 and 2025, they plan to produce active substances for more than 20 vaccines. Three of those are against coronavirus. Therefore, that production capacity will cover 70% of their needs and 60% of Africa’s needs.

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Vaccination demographics and partnerships

Morocco has around 36 million inhabitants. Currently, they rank among leading countries in Africa, vaccination-wise, according to Africa CDC. In fact, more than 23 million people have received a second vaccine shot, as per reports from the health ministry. Responsible authorities plan to have 80% of the people vaccinated with Sinopharm or Pfizer-BioNTech.

Recipharm had earlier stated that they have signed a memorandum of understanding with Morocco. Secondly, SENSYO Pharmatech will receive $500 million in investment, by the Moroccan government and partners. MAP, the official news agency, reports that leading banks and other financial organizations: BMCE Bank of Africa, Banque Centrale Populaire, and Attijariwafa Wafa Bank as well as the Senior Vice-President & Chief Quality Officer of Samsung Biologics in South Korea, Samir Machour. Indeed, the African continent will gain more self-reliance in vaccine production. Biotherapeutics in Africa will really improve in the future.

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