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MoU for Anchor Benitoite Petrochemicals Complex Project in Egypt Signed

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The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Anchor Benitoite Petrochemicals Complex project has officially been signed. The MoU was signed between Anchorage Investments and Honeywell.

The project will operate from the heart of Cairo in Egypt. It embraces the use of the latest industrial autonomous technologies. Under the MoU, the complex will also receive a supply of cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance operational safety.

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Anchor Benitoite Petrochemicals Complex project to transform the petrochemical industry 

The project will specifically be built within the Suez Canal Economic Zone. The project will be designed to use integrated autonomation. This would further help the facility achieve sustainable benefits as well as save on capital. For example, the technology will convert propane to propylene through catalytic dehydrogenation. This, when compared to currently dehydrogenation technologies will help the facility have a lower cash cost of production and a higher ROI. In addition, the use of integrated automation will help the petrochemical complex reduce potential risks during its construction and commissioning. 

The vice president and general manager of Honeywell, George Bou Mitri stated that the firm is uniquely positioned for the project. He added that Honeywell is ready to provide seamless sand unmatched integration to the Anchor Benitoite Petrochemicals Complex Project. He further explained that the integration would be of ready-now automation technologies designed to improve the efficiency and performance of not just the facility but the entire petrochemical(s) industry.

The founder and managing director of Anchorage Investments, Ahmed Moharram expressed that the firm was pleased to sign the MoU with Honeywell. He affirmed that they will apply the latest distinguished and autonomous technologies to the project. 

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