Mozambique to spend US $100 m on four development projects

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A whopping US $100m will be spent on four development projects in Mozambique with funding set to come from the Chinese government; this was confirmed during the 6th session of the Joint Commission between the two countries.

The four projects include the construction of the Gorongosa Technical Institute in Sofala, construction of Xai-Xai airport in Gaza province, technical assistance to the Zimpeto National Stadium (Maputo) and sending agricultural workers for training in China.

Confirming the reports was the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Mozambique, Maria Lucas who said that the agreement is a sign of the success of the work that the parties have done since the previous session of the Joint Commission in 2015.

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The four development projects

In detail, the construction of Xai-Xai airport was signed in 2017 and was expected to cost US$60m to improve transport conditions and facilitate the communication of people and goods, promoting the development of the local economy, especially through tourism.

The project for the Gorongosa Technical Institute involves the construction of educational buildings, workshops, and a cafeteria, sleeping quarters for students and apartments for teachers.

On the other hand, the agricultural sector project, budgeted at just over US $3m, is in its third phase, with the Chinese government sending agricultural technicians in the areas of agronomy, agro-processing, livestock, veterinary clinics and laboratories over a period of three years for technical demonstrations and training of Mozambican staff.

Additionally, the second phase of the agreement to provide technical assistance to the Zimpeto National Stadium is valued at US $1.8 million.