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Plans are underway for the development of a new Cooper Green Clinic in Birmingham. The Cooper Green Authority is working in conjunction with Jefferson County and the University of Alabama to actualize this multimillion-dollar project, which will be operated under the UAB Health Care.

The new Cooper Green Clinic will be built on 150,000 square feet of land. Construction costs for this project are estimated between $55 million to $65 million, but the majority of the project’s construction funding will come from bonds issued by the Cooper Green Authority and backed by Jefferson County. Indigent patient care revenue from insured patients will also support the funding.

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A parking deck located at the corner of Sixth Avenue South and 14th Street South, has been selected as the location of the new Cooper Green Clinic. This parking deck is currently operated as a clinic by Cooper Green, due to the suspension of its inpatient hospital operations at 1515 Sixth Avenue South. The  construction work on this parking deck is expected to take place in two phases. 

Phase 1 of Cooper Green Clinic

Phase I of Cooper Green Clinic’s construction will involve the demolition of the parking deck, which will commence sometime between December 2021 and January 2022, and this demolition work is expected to be concluded by spring 2022. The designs for the building are still ongoing, but the anticipated date of completion is between two and a half to three years, with the launching proposed for 2025.

UAB chief strategy Officer, David Randall said that the current services being offered by Cooper Green will be moved over to the new Cooper Green Clinic. In addition, new patient care services will be provided  such as nutrition medicine, behavioral health, and pain management. Randall pointed out that the existing Cooper Green facilities are more expensive to maintain since they were built in the 1970s and the new building will allow a significant cut in maintenance costs. He also explained  that the new clinic will focus on providing quality patient care and excellent access, along with the adoption of new technologies for best practices to provide standard care.