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Museums for construction along Mau Mau road in Kenya

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), the autonomous road agency responsibility is for management, development, rehabilitation, and maintenance of Class A, B, and C roads, in conjunction with the National Museums of Kenya, a multi-disciplinary institution whose role is to collect, preserve, study, document and present Kenya’s past and present cultural and natural heritage, and Kikuyu Council of Elders plan to construct museums along Mau Mau road in Kenya.

The museums whose objective is to commemorate independence war veterans and showcase Mau Mau artifacts as part of efforts to enlighten the current and future generations about the independence struggle will be constructed in the four counties i.e. Murang’a, Nyeri, Kiambu, and Nyandarua which are connected by the Mau Mau road.

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Site identification and naming of the museums along Mau Mau road

Reportedly, so far, KeNHA has written to stakeholders to identify locations where the museums will be constructed in each of the four counties.

The agency has also formed county committees from the respective counties tasked to conduct public participation about the museum’s proposal. The committees are expected to agree on site for the development of the museum in consideration of the availability of adequate land and status of ownership. The committees have also been mandated to recommend appropriate names of the museums taking into consideration a name of a prominent Mau Mau war hero from the respective county.

Mr. Peter Mucheru Mareri, the chairman of Kikuyu Council of Elders lauded the move by KeNHA to construct the museums that will bring reality about the history of independence saying, “current generation usually read about Mau Mau in books but with the museums, young people will have a chance to be more educated about how our forefathers struggled for independence.”

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