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N3 Pietermaritzburg Highway Upgrade Project in South Africa to Commence Soon

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The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd or SANRAL, a South African parastatal responsible for the management, maintenance, and development of South Africa’s proclaimed National Road network, has announced that it would commence substantial upgrading work on the N3 Pietermaritzburg highway sooner than scheduled.

The agency stated that it will begin implementing a ‘contraflow’ traffic pattern, a temporary arrangement in which traffic on the road is switched from its regular side to share the other half of the carriageway with traffic traveling in the opposite direction, on the N3 highway between Camperdown and Dardanelles.

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According to Mohamed Parak, South African National Roads Agency’s project manager for the eastern area, work on the side-drain construction has surpassed expectations, and the switchover to contraflow will be achievable a few days earlier than projected.

Plans for the N3 Pietermaritzburg Highway traffic going forward

All traffic for the N3 Pietermaritzburg Highway may now be routed onto the new wider road between Camperdown Interchange and Dardanelles. Traffic on the northbound (Pietermaritzburg bound) road will be diverted to the temporarily expanded southbound (Durban bound) carriageway at Camperdown Interchange and routed back to the northbound carriageway at Dardanelles (km 26.6) during the night switchover.

Parak explained that there will be contraflow conditions on the southbound road between Camperdown Interchange and Dardanelles, with concrete barriers separating the two opposing traffic streams. In both directions, two lanes will be available.


Once the traffic on the northbound carriageway has been redirected, the old northbound roadway will be ready for the entire rebuilding of the new four-lane northbound carriageway. Contraflow conditions are likely to persist until January 2024.

To improve the safety of the construction crew and road users, the speed limit along the route has been decreased to 80km/hr. Temporary lane closures to allow work on heavily used highways are expected, and the South African National Roads Agency has vowed that the public will be notified in advance of such activities.

SANRAL’s Projected Timeline for the N3 Pietermaritzburg Highway Upgrades

During the 48-month construction period, 6.4km of the current four-lane dual carriageway will be upgraded to an eight-lane dual carriageway by broadening into the median and outer shoulders. A road-over-rail bridge and many pipe culverts will be expanded to allow the road expansion. Lighting will be installed throughout the 6.4km section of the road as part of the project.

The R103 provincial road, which runs alongside the N3, will also be renovated between the contract’s outside borders. Between Camperdown Interchange and the current R103 Overpass immediately south of Camperdown Interchange, a new stretch of R103 will be built beside the N3.

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  1. Good day

    is there a drawing showing the changes to he Highway heading towards the Pietermaritzburg residential area of Hayfields, Cleland, Meadows and Bellvue.

  2. Good morning Amanda

    Would you perhaps know which contractors this project has been awarded to.


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