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Nachtigal hydroelectric dam transmission line to be delivered in July, Cameroon

Justin Ntsama, the director of construction of the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam project has revealed that the 225 KV Nachtigal hydroelectric dam transmission line will be delivered before the end of July this year. Entrusted to Bouygues Energies & Services, the construction of the aforementioned line which is approximately 50.8 kilometers long begun early last year.

This infrastructure will allow the energy produced at the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam to be injected into the South interconnected network that covers six of the Central African country’s 10 regions (except for the three northern and eastern regions).

The transmission line is equipped with 123 pylons measuring 10 to 80 tonnes, and 40 to 65 meters high. The installation of the first of the 123 pylons of this energy transmission line, started on September 11 last year and was completed ten days later according to  Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC), a consortium formed by EDF, the World Bank IFC Group institution, and the State of Cameroon to oversee the implementation of the project.

About the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam

With an investment totaling up to close to US$ 1.5M, the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam should inject its first megawatts into the Cameroonian electricity network in 2023.

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Ultimately, this infrastructure will make it possible to increase the energy capacities currently installed in the country by a third, improve and secure people’s access to electricity while contributing to the country’s low-carbon transition.

The increase in the country’s electricity production capacity will enable the central African country to become an electricity exporter in the sub-region in the medium and long term, contributing to its economy.

Overall, the project is currently about 33% complete with the electromechanical works 33% done, the transmission line 71% complete, and the operating city 64% complete.


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