Namibia approves 4 wind power projects in Tsau/Khaeb National Park

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The Namibian government has approved development of four wind farms in the Tsau/Khaeb National Park (Sperrgebiet), located near the coast in the south-west of the country. Two of these wind projects are being carried out by the state-owned company NamPower and the other two will be developed by two independent power producers (IPPs).

Construction of the first wind farm which will require an investment of US $68m will consist of 16 turbines that will turn on coastal wind while producing 40 MW. NamPower’s second wind farm will have a capacity of 50 MW.

Franco-Namibian company, InnoSun Energy Holding will be developing the third wind farm set to have a capacity of 50 MW while a 40MW wind project will be developed by United Africa.

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Namibia’s energy expenditure

Upon completion, the four wind projects are expected to help reduce Namibia’s energy expenditure vis-à-vis its neighbours. Namibia imports more than 50% of its electricity from neighbouring countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the Southern African Power Pool. Electricity is mainly derived from fossil fuels and all petroleum products are imported, so its energy supply is vulnerable.

“These different projects will enable Namibia to achieve its objectives within the framework of national development goals and will place the country in a situation where the majority of its electricity is produced by wind turbines,” said Teofilus Nghitila,  Director General of the Namibian Ministry of the Environment and Tourism.

To reduce the reliance on imports, the Namibian government resolved to incorporate renewable energy into its short to long term development planning, and to develop a comprehensive set of regulations and acts, including a Namibia Energy Regulatory Framework, a Renewable Energy Act and an overall Energy Efficiency Act.

This project aimed to assist the key energy stakeholders in Namibia in creating a comprehensive new energy regulation framework for the country which takes into account the promotion of renewables and energy efficiency, and facilitates fair market access, return on investment, quality of supply, standards, market support structures and incentives