Namibia’s US$15.7 million road project stalls over unpaid arrears

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Namibia’s US $15.7 million road project has come to a standstill over the unpaid arrears to the contractor by the Road Authority (RA).
According to the contractor the road project works stopped and they are expecting the Roads Authority to pay them the remaining US$ 5.5 Million so that the construction of the 35-kilometre road from Okatana to Onunho can commence.
The road project was planned to be completed by February last year at a total cost of US$15.7 Million and up-to-date the project is at the stand still.
According to the report released by Roads Authority currently the construction project is at five percent which is a bit slow since the project started in July 2012.
Communication from Namibia’s Road Authority’s Corporate communications manager Hileni Fillemon currently the road project is at a standstill since late last year due to the unpaid money by the Authority to the contractor.
She said currently the project is at standstill and the Authority regret for not completing it on time whoever they are trying to fasten the process by appointing another contractor who can commence the work.
Fillemon said they terminated the contract from the contractor due to his inability to complete the project in the time that was set and therefore appointing another contractor will be the best way to see the project complete.
Once they appoint another contractor they are sure he will be able to complete the project in less than a year and probably it will take like ten months to complete it.
She also added that the Roads Authority will be able to penalize all the contractors that do not complete the projects given on time.