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Namibia’s Namasira Police to Get Better Infrastructure

Albert Kawana, the minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, promised police officers at the Namasira Police Post that a prefabricated barracks would be inaugurated by the end of June. He stated that plans to build appropriate buildings for them are in the works. The minister stated that he hopes to have a stronger framework in place for the police by June of this year. He went on to say that he was keen to see contractors on the job site within the next several weeks.

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Last Monday, Kwana and Namibian police commander Sebastian Ndeitunga went on a site visit to the post. The Namasira Police Post is 75 kilometres west of Nkurenkuru, and it lies on the boundary of the Kavango West and Ohangwena regions. The purpose of the visit was to inspect the status at the site after severe rains in December demolished the facilities that housed police personnel.

Planned Infrastructure for the Namasira Police Post

The proposed development would contain three blocks of officer barracks with a kitchen, ablution facilities, and a charge office, among other things. Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas emphasized the importance of the post, adding that the police utilize it to prevent crimes such as stock theft, smuggling of products from neighbouring Angola, rape, gender-based violence, and other crimes from entering the region.

The commissioner emphasized the importance of this sector. He said that most commodities trafficked from neighbouring Angola pass via this site on their journey to Rundu, Nkurenkuru, and other sections of the nation. According to Agas, the police officers also help residents from two neighbouring regions: Ohangwena and Oshikoto, where the nearest police stations are located quite a distance from farms and communities. He went on to say that the police reacted to all of the calls from here since the nearest police station for the locals was Omauni, around 45 kilometres away in the Ohangwena district.

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