Namibia’s Ondangwa Army Base Stands Incomplete 11 years Later

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Despite the fact that work began 11 years ago, a Namibian Defence Force (NDF) army base under construction in Ondangwa in the Oshana area remains unfinished. The delay is ascribed to Ministry of Finance underfunding since 2017, contractor payment delays, and struggling small and medium companies.

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The base’s construction began in 2010, but only phase one, which cost N$69 million, was completed in 2013. The second phase, which cost N$83 million and began in 2014, was completed in 2017. Since then, no funds have been allocated to continue with phase three.

Consequences for the Ondangwa Army Base’s Delays

In the National Assembly, the report has yet to be introduced. The committee stated that the project’s total cost from the initial plans in 2010 was N$600 million, but that the cost of building materials is projected to rise owing to delays and inflationary impacts.

In view of security concerns, the research claims that the Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs’ 500m buffer zone regulation has not been implemented. As a result, a number of communities have relocated within 100 meters of the safety zones. According to the committee, which is led by Swapo member of parliament Leevi Katoma, this puts communities at risk and jeopardizes their own security. The committee recommended that the ministry fully implement the 500-meter safety regulation and that residents refrain from entering military site security zones.