Namibia’s Ongwediva Appoints A New Contractor For Road Upgrades

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Emirates Trading has been granted a tender by the local Town Council to improve the Ongwediva Church Road to bitumen level.

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Neu Olulya Trading was first given the N$6.3 million contract in November of last year. The contractor, however, failed to deliver and abandoned the site, forcing the council to reject the plan earlier this year.

According to Jackson Muma, a spokesperson for the Ongwediva Town Council, the tender was now awarded to Emirates in September and is expected to be completed in eight months. He went on to say that the first contractor had barely finished laying out the area before leaving.

According to the spokesman, the previous contractors had just lately begun setting out, digging the earth, and pausing along the route. Due to their unsatisfactory performance, the council decided to fire them. As a result, the Ongwediva Church Road project’s completion date has been delayed.

A 1.6-kilometre section connects Abraham Nyambali and Kahumba Kandola streets.

According to Muma, the project was supposed to be completed this year, but due to an unforeseen delay, it will now be completed in May of next year.

As a consequence, he urged residents in extensions 6 to 8 to work with the contractor to ensure that the job was completed on time.

This comes after he stated that public access would be restricted throughout the construction phase. This warning is being published in response to concerns expressed by motorists and pedestrians about travelling through the work zone.

Muma reminded citizens that the municipal administration is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to guarantee that they have access to essential amenities such as roads.

This is the only road in the region that is currently being rebuilt.

Only one project is handled at a time, according to the spokesman. As a result, we’re in the midst of an upgrade. Shortly before the start of this project, the road between Mweshipandeka and the Select service station was tarred.