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New Downsview Film Studio to be constructed in Toronto, Canada

A new film studio is being built in Toronto as part of the Downsview Studio Campus’ first phase. The project aims to establish a major production hub to the massive airport site in North York. The project, which is located just south of the BMO training grounds, is one component of a broader plan by Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands Company to turn 520 acres of land into id8 Downsview, a mixed-use innovation-focused neighborhood. Northcrest is teaming up with Hackman Capital Partners to provide the city a new CA$200 million film hub.

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The same business participating in the CA$250 million investment coming to the Port Lands with the Basin Media Hub disclosed last week is the owner and operator of hundreds of film and television properties throughout the world. The first phase of the studio’s construction, announced in July 2021, will provide 57,329 square meters of additional film studio and support facilities to Toronto’s film sector. Eight additional soundstages, along with production support, mill shops, and production and management offices, would greatly boost the city’s film capability. The studio would contain a huge outdoor backlot filming space to the east of the proposed structure. Much of Toronto’s film production industry is now focused in the Port Lands region, but this new facility will make the sector more accessible to individuals living in the city’s outskirts.

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“Not only will this plan create thousands of television and film jobs, but it will also pave the way for a new technology, media, and innovation hub at Downsview that we can grow and build on for years to come,” said Christopher Eby, Executive Vice President of Northcrest Developments, in a statement earlier this year. “Our long-term plan involves more than 1 million square feet of support and production space. Additionally, soundstages ranging from 20,000 square feet to 80,000 square feet,” said Michael Hackman, CEO of Hackman Capital Partners, of the project.

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