New equipment to be inaugurated for Nigeria-Siemens power project

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The federal government has said that it is set to inaugurate new equipment for the Nigeria-Siemens power project. This will be the first set of power equipment procured under the Presidential Power Initiative (IPP). It hinted that the inauguration would begin in the next two or three weeks.

Mr. Kenny Anuwe, the Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Government of Nigeria Power Company (FGNPC), made the disclosures to journalists in Lagos at the ongoing Nigeria Energy Exhibition and Conference. Anuwe claimed that as promised to Nigerians, the business would increase the electricity supply to 7000 megawatts by 2024.

He said the first inauguration ceremonies for the Nigeria-Siemens power project would begin in Lagos. While the second set of equipment would be unveiled in Abuja. Anuwe said the latest milestone showed the determined effort of the government to improve the supply of electricity to Nigerians.

Anuwe said, “Commissioning of these projects will begin in the next three weeks and will continue every month until the program’s conclusion.” He said that mobile substations and transformers were purchased under the IPP in collaboration with Siemens Energy, the implementing partner.

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Nigeria-Siemens power project to fulfill Nigeria’s power supply needs

In a staged scheme, according to Anuwe, the equipment was specifically created to fulfill Nigeria’s power supply needs. By 2025, 25,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity would be generated and distributed.

Furthermore, Anuwe expressed optimism that the new equipment for the Nigeria-Siemens power project will increase the power supply to at least 7,00mw. He emphasized that the company was committed to executing its plans to achieve the goals established to end power outages.

According to him, “The federal government is committed to improving the quality of life and standard of living for Nigerians. I believe that the goal will be exceeded with the rate at which the project is now progressing. However, since this is our main goal, we won’t divert our attention from it. The enhancement of the electricity supply is definitely possible, and we intend to meet and even surpass that goal.”

Anuwe pointed out that the federal government established the FGNPC as a special-purpose vehicle for carrying out the PPI. This is in order to facilitate the process of ramping up energy supply

He stated, “To carry out the PPI, the FGN Power Company was established as a special purpose corporation. However, three main areas make up its basic mission. The first step is to secure funding for the initiative. The second is to interact with stakeholders along the entire value chain. The third is to plan the rollout of the Presidential Power Initiative. Participation in engineering and procurement contracts is another requirement, both of which are necessary to support Nigerians in achieving the PPI’s objectives.”