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New PV factory begins operation in Toronto, Ontario

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A new factory solar PV factory has begun operation in Toronto Ontario. Mitrex, the solar manufacturer has announced that the building will integrate its patented Building Integrated Photovoltaic Technology (BIPV) in the factory. The new facility, now fully operational, will be the largest building in the world to date to contain Mitrex’s proprietary solar solution, which includes solar panels, windows, and railings. Produced in the Canadian market while expanding product offerings to other markets including the United States of America.

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The new manufacturing facility, which consists of a uniquely designed 3D exterior wall of the company’s cladding technology, will cover an area of ​​more than 100,000 square feet and have a fully automated production line. This will enable a more efficient production system to produce Mitrex’s innovative solar offerings at competitive prices for customers in the North American market and beyond. The first-of-its-kind facility will help Mitrex establish itself as a major player in the North American and global markets with its RandD efforts, manufacturing capabilities, and new supply chain capabilities. This factory structure will be used in future installations across Canada, the United States, and then worldwide.

“The new factory, equipped with our robust product line, will enable Mitrex to produce 25,000 square meters of integrated solar panels, such as solar cladding and solar glass for windows and railings,” says Danial Hadizadeh, the Mitrex CEO. “We firmly believe that with our products we can turn any surface that comes into contact with the sun into a source of energy without compromising on beauty and aesthetics. Our malleable technology is the future of solar infrastructure and will make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions “. Offering self-sufficient power systems for architects, builders, and builders, Mitrex offers an affordable variety with solar cladding, railings, glass, and roofs. The new factory enables 100% of Mitrex products to be manufactured in Canada.


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