Nexgen Sustainable City in Cairo, World’s 1st Net-Zero & Climate-Positive Metropolis

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Designed by URB, a global leader in developing sustainable cities, Nexgen sustainable city in Cairo’s eastern district is set to be the world’s first net-zero city and climate-positive metropolis producing more renewable energy and food than it consumes.

Other than providing food, energy, and water security the approximately 580-hectare Nexgen sustainable city in Cairo will also simultaneously foster ecotourism and a green economy.

It is also expected to house 35,000 people, provide 9,000 dwelling units for people of all income levels and create 10,000 job opportunities, most of which will be in green tech industries including food-tech, energy-tech, water-tech, and waste tech, resulting in the city’s first circular green economy.

Better City, Better Life: Building sustainable and resilient cities

Ecotourism, medical tourism, retail, edutainment, and recreational facilities will all help to make the city a one-of-a-kind visitor destination, in addition to a 5-star eco-resort, glamping lodges, an ecotourism tourist center, and a nature reserve conservation hub.

An autistic village, a rehabilitation and wellness center, and clinics are among the medical services that will be available at the Nexgen sustainable city in Cairo.

Nexgen Sustainable City in Cairo and other similar projects are the next step in the evolution of sustainable cities

Baharash Bagherian, CEO and founder of URB, in response to the Nexgen sustainable city project in Cairo, stated that the development of next-generation net-zero cities that provide food, energy, and water as security was no longer an option, it was a necessity. He added that Nexgen is the next step in the evolution of sustainable cities, offering multi-functional remedies to social, economic, and environmental issues while establishing the highest sustainability standards for developing resilient and livable cities.

Examples of projects led by Baharash Bagherian include The Sustainable City of Yiti in Oman, The Sustainable City on Yas Island, The Sustainable City in Amman, and Phase 2 of The Sustainable City in Dubai.