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Completion date of OB3 gas pipeline project in Nigeria pushed to 2021

Completion works of Obiafu-Obrikom to Oben (OB3) gas pipeline project in Nigeria has been pushed further again to 2021. This is because a crucial part of the construction that  has been taken from one of the key contractors and handed over to others, who now have a global pandemic to deal with.

Nestoil’s inability to run a 48 inch pipeline in a 60 inch hole under a riverbed spanning 2.8 kilometres, compelled the Nigerian Gas Transmission Company NGTC, the state firm sponsoring the project to hand over that aspect of the operations to China Petroleum Pipeline Construction Company (CPPCC) and Brentex Petroleum Services, which is primarily a manufacturer of pipes.

The CPP has since imported equipment for the job, but the material had been held up in the Lagos Port for over three weeks, with Port officials unwilling to allow evacuation of the material, citing Coronavirus concerns.

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Obiafu-Obrikom to Oben (OB3) gas pipeline project

The pipeline system is a critical component of the Nigeria Gas Master Plan meant to deliver gas from the rich reservoirs in the eastern Niger Delta to the established markets in the west of Nigeria.

It also aims to meet the Nigeria gas demand for power generation and industrial concerns (methanol, cement, manufacturing etc.) with emphasis on operational safety, efficiency and flexibility with a view to providing industry standard, remote supervision and control.

The facility, under construction since 2013 starts from the Intermediate Pigging station at Umukwata (around KP 63.45) in Delta State and terminates at Oben Node in Edo State. The project involves construction of  48” x 127km, Class 600 trunk gas supply pipeline from and Gas Processing and Pressure Reduction Facilities with capacity of 2Bscf/d. On completion, it will enable the first major outline of a national gas grid.



  1. Kudos to Victor for his insight. HDD of Th\t size of line has never been done. Nestoil has the capacity

  2. That job has not been done anywhere in the world,pipeline of that diameter passed under water for that distance.
    It would’ve been the first in the world.

  3. This is a huge blow to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010.


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