Construction of Apapa-Wharf concrete road, Nigeria completed

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Construction work on the Apapa-Wharf Concrete road has come to completion.This is according to a report from Dangote Construction Company Ltd, contractors handling the project who added they have started installation of street light.

“We have completed concrete works on all the four sections. We have also finished work on this Eleganza Roundabout and we are linking the rigid pavement to connecting roads.
“We are only waiting for some sections to ‘cure’. Curing takes 28 days, some sections have cured but this Eleganza roundabout and some other small portions are still undergoing curing,” reported the company.

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“Concrete on the road is 100% completed and we have started erecting the street lights.
“Section four is the longest of about 650 m and it has cured completely, all other portions have cured except this roundabout area,” the report added.

Apapa-Wharf concrete road

The 4 km dual carriageway which is being funded by AG Dangote Construction Company Ltd, the Nigerian Ports Authority and Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc and built with cement, has a median, walkways and side barriers on the various sections painted in black and white. Big drainage on both sides has also been completed while street lights have also been erected on Sections one and four of the project.

The interlocking stones are still being laid on about three-quarter of the service lane of outbound Apapa dual carriageway. Section one of the project is 520m, section two is 450m, three is 380 while section four is 650m.

“We are screeding and painting the median barriers and sidewalks at the same time. Screeding is like applying POP or dressing on a surface to make it smooth for painting.
“This project would have been completed but we did not expect the amount of rainfall that came in this month of September,” explained the reports.