Construction of Baro port in Nigeria nears completion

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The construction work on the Baro port in Nigeria is at 98% complete.  Ibrahim ShuaibuVulegbo, the Technical Officer in charge of the port has announced. Already, the dredging work from Baro to Lokoja has been completed. According to Ibrahim ShuaibuVulegbo, the port project now requires installation of the cranes and perimeter fencing.

A10km radius developmental plan has been declared for Baro town in regards tourban settlement. However, critical and strategic expedite action needs to be put in action in order to put the in-land port to use.

According to Niger State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello, further delays will not be entertained as the project has involve huge investment. However, due to the present economic realities the port should be optimally harnessed.

To fast track the full utilization of the port, the states administration has declared Baro town an urban settlement. This decision is a deliberate policy of the state administration to ensure effective take off of the in-land port.

On completion, the project will not only open up economy opportunities for the state, but it will as well offer massive job opportunities and business ventures for Niger state residents as well employment opportunities.

The road to the port is however not accessible and the federal government is expected to award the road construction contract soon so that the port can as well be accessed via road.

The two phase Baro port project was initiated and conceived four year ago. The project is targeting to advance the country’s economy.

The project on the other hand practically demonstrated by the hauling of large quantity of about 300 tons of tiles from West African Ceramics Company in Ajaokuta local government area of Kogi state to the commercial nerve centre of Onitsha and capital of Anambra state in the east by Ninon Transport Company Ltd on a regular basis.