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Dangote acquires largest crane in Africa

Business magnet Aliko Dangote is currently the owner of the largest crane in Africa after buying it from China’s leading construction company, XCMG Construction Machinery Co Ltd.

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The largest crane in Africa weighs about 1250 tons and was assembled in Nigeria. Assistant President and General Manager, Hanson Liu equally added that XCMG sold about 5000 units of various kinds of products to customers in Africa last year 2016.

He also added that as a market they are closely monitoring Africa on account of the continent holding promise as far as opportunities are concerned. However, they are presently deterred because of issues such as financial restrictions in some of the countries as well as insecurity.

Due to the high technology employed by the company, robots are a part of the manufacture process, raising questions as to whether or not this would increase unemployment in the world’s most populated country.

The Assistant President responded referring to the robots at work in the factory as being there for purposes of quality assurance, asserting that customer satisfaction is key, not the number of people under their employ.

The XCMG Construction Machinery Co Ltd, is a government owned entity. It was first established in 1943 as a workshop during the war against Japanese aggression, with a 72 year history.

The company ranks fifth in the world, with over 30,000 employees. The company has also sold products to about 177 nations, and has to its credit built the largest tractor currently in Asia.

Highly considering investments in Africa, XCMG has underway plans in the pipeline with countries like Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria and Algeria within their sights although nothing has been finalized as yet.

The construction company considers skillful labour and favourable policies to include financial policies that would make transfer of funds easier as a determinant to investment and are presently increasing their shares in Africa.

Dangote acquires largest crane in Africa


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