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Home News Dangote urges govt to consider constructing roads in Nigeria using concrete

Dangote urges govt to consider constructing roads in Nigeria using concrete

Dangote Cement Chairman Aliko Dangote, has urged the Federal Government in Nigeria to reconsider  constructing roads in Nigeria using concrete which are made of cement and aggregates instead of bitumen.

Constructing roads in Nigeria using concrete says Dangote, is affordable and the outcome is long lasting with near zero maintenance cost, beside, the roads would be of great benefit the citizens of Nigeria if only the FG will consider the option of using concrete for roads in the country.

Concrete roads are said to have a lifespan of 50 years unlike roads constructed with bitumen. The most important and interesting aspect about concrete roads is that, corruption cases are likely to be wiped out as concrete roads are durable and requires less maintenance cost unlike bitumen roads which requires adequately maintenance which will obviously request funds from the government.

As part of its expansion frontiers, Dangote Cement has recently constructed a 3 million metric tonne per annum plant in Nepal, Asia. Dangote Cement has presently investment about US$4.34bn in over 10 African countries which carters for cement plants in the continent.

The company is currently executing cement plant projects in Kenya, Niger and Mali which are not included in the 15 countries completed projects in Africa. The company is presently operating at 48mmtpa out of which Nigeria alone has the largest chunk of 29.3mmtpa.


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