Ekiti housing estate project in Nigeria soon to be complete

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has announce to near completion of the National Housing Project. South West Zonal Director of the National Housing Project, Mr. Olasunkanmi Dunmoye disclosed the reports and said the project will be complete in April.

Mr. Dunmoye explained that hat the project was designed by the Federal Government in 2016 in order to ameliorate the sufferings of poor Nigerians in the region of affordable shelter.

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Ekiti housing estate project

According to Dunmoye, more than half of the houses have already been completed, while the remaining ones are in various stages of completion. So far, the construction works including electrification and water provision has equally reached between 40 -70 % respectively.

The housing project consist 70 flats set for the first phase, housing descriptions which includes; one-bedroom flats, two-bedroom flats, three-bedroom flats together with semi -detached bungalow.

The housing projects according to Dunmoye could not be completed early as predicted because the land which was originally allocated for construction purpose by the state government under the administration of former governor, Mr. Ayo Fayose was initially considered too far from the city centre.

A total of 15 contractors have been engaged on site to prosecute the project, with more than 1,750 people employed either directly or indirectly on site. Ekiti State is one among the 33 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, where the National Housing Programme is currently on execution under the Federal Government of Nigeria.