NAH warn Nigerians of a looming water crisis in the next 3 years

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The Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists (NAH), has warned of impeding water crisis by 2020. This, they have said, is owing to poor management of groundwater basins. The President of the association, Ehidiamhen Olumese, disclosed this on Sunday. He was in Ilorin while addressing journalists after the association’s National Executive Meeting.

According to him, the acquisition of both hydrological data and systematic study of basin aquifers could very well help avoid the crisis. He further stressed the importance of updating and full implementation of the National Water Resources Master Plan.

Mr. Olumese said the development also called to the state governments to support the River Basin Development Authorities (RBDA). This would thus necessitate a strong financial commitment and prudent management of available resources. The move will help the RBDA achieve their mandate based on set targets that could be evaluated periodically.

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Groundwater mismanagement

He spoke about how the groundwater level is going down and the giving of water projects to quacks. Mr. Olumese also pointed out that indiscriminate sinking of boreholes is not helping the matter. He further noted that projects are executed without professional consultation. The NAH president gave an example of the Lake Chad’s shrinking saying it may soon cause unemployment.

He lamented that the government is inconsistent with its policy on River Basins. This, he said could be remedied with proper policies and commitment. The NAH President disclosed that the association’s 29th Annual Conference, tagged Ilorin 2017 will hold in Ilorin from Nov. 5 to Nov. 10. He said the conference has as its theme, “Strategies to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals in Water Resources”.

Mr. Olumese said that the conference would also focus on Climate Change and inter-basin water transfer. It will also touch on surface and groundwater resources management. Environmental monitoring and restoration is the sub-theme.


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