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Nigeria flags off construction of railway wagon assembly plant

The government of Nigeria has flagged of construction of a wagon assembling plant in Kajola, Ogun State as a means of localising rail technology in Nigeria.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo performed the ground breaking ceremony and said that rail system of transportation holds the key to transforming commerce in Nigeria and across the continent by linking ports to rail lines.

Boosting the country’s economy

The VP pointed out that upon completion, the project is expected to produce some parts of the wagons for the Lagos – Ibadan and Abuja – Kaduna rail lines and also for the central rail lines to satisfy the needs of other rail operators within the West- African sub-region. The project contract was awarded to the China Civil Engineering Corporation (CCECC).

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The plant is expected to generate about five thousand (5,000) direct and indirect jobs. It will also offer an important platform for engineers, technicians, artisans and other professionals to gain the specialised skills required for the production and maintenance of rolling stock. This according to the Vice president, will invariably conduce to spin-off businesses in the region of operation and across the country wherever rail networks are in existence.

“With the building of the rolling stock locally, import and export business in Africa’s largest market will never be the same. Additionally, siting of the plant in Nigeria and the commitment to hiring Nigerians and Nigerian businesses affirms the President’s directives in Executive Order 5 on prioritising Nigerians and Nigerian businesses in the innovation, production and procurement of engineering projects and services,” said Yemi Osinbajo.


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