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Nigeria President approves US$182m for road construction

President Goodluck Jonathan has approved US$181.66m for various road construction projects across Kaduna, Benue, Ni­ger, Nasarawa and Bauchi, Nigeria. This was confirmed by Minister of Works Mike Onolememen in com­pany of the Minister of Culture,Tourism and Nation­al Orientation, Edem Duke and the newly appointed ministers.

The Benue, Plateau and Kaduna states road construction project has been assigned a total sum of US$39.2 and a completion deadline of 18 months. US$117.13m has been set aside for the 40km Suleja-Minna Road road construction project in Minna whose completion is set at 40 months timeline. The project has been approved by the council of ministers.

The road construction project, which is already underway, is part of the trans Sahara road from Lagos to Algiers. US$35.24m has been handed over for the Ningi-Kofa Mata Road in Bauchi, a road construction project expected to be completed within duration of 18 months.

Apart from these road construction projects, Nigeria is also anticipating Abuja Annex office, which has been granted the US$72.96m and the Lagos of­fice with a grant of US$122.6m along with it’s training center at Lekki given a total sum of US$46.16m.

The Na­tional Directorate of Em­ployment has also approved a total amount of US$23,451m for purchase of tricycle for Benue West Senatorial con­stituency expected within three weeks in order to serve locals.

The country recently announced commencement of National coastal roads beginning from Epe in Lagos State stretching to the Nigerian border with the Camerouns.


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