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Nigeria to construct a kidney hospital in Dass

Nigeria’s Fasbir Construction has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Adhyay Foundation  in India to construct a kidney treatment hospital in Dass, headquarters of Dass local government area of Bauchi State, Nigeria.

Chairman of Adhyay Foundation, Mr Samer Khan disclosed the reports and said that the hospital will provide excellent medical care to its patients as obtained in their Indian and Egyptian hospitals to minimize the need to seek treatment outside.

“When completed, the hospital would provide excellent services at a cheaper rate than in similar hospitals in Nigeria, India, and Egypt and beyond,” said Mr Samer Khan.

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Kidney treatment hospital

The project will involve construction of a state of the art  facility. Medical and diagnostic equipment as well as have professional medical personnel from both countries would also be provided. The Chairman affirmed that the company will provide the necessary support to ensure the success of the project.

In addition to the first class medical facility, Chairman Khan said that they will also construct a medical school for the training of medical personnel that will help i n the provision of qualified medical workforce in the country. Abhay Foundation vowed to give scholarship to some of the students from the emirate who would later be employed to work at the hospital.

Over US $55,000 has been provided for the first phase of the project, most of which will be used for the procurement of the items needed for construction process. The project is slated to provide more than 250 job opportunities.



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