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Nigeria’s Ashaka Cement Company to inaugurate US $30.5m power plant

Ashaka Cement Company, a subsidiary of Lafarge Africa Plc is set to inaugurate a 16MW power plant project  in bid to improve the country’s energy problem. Managing Director, Ashaka Cement, Rabiu Abdullah Umar who disclosed the reports said that the company will invest a whopping US $30.5m in the project.

“We are helping to remove ourselves from the demand for energy, and providing our own solution, which means a minimum of 16MW of electricity, will now become available to the public grid for the people in the region to enjoy from,” said Abdullah Umar.

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Boost operational efficiency

Moreover, Umar said that the power plant, will not only release additional megawatts to the national grid, but also create employment opportunities, boost operational efficiency and tackle the high energy cost of the largest industry in Nigeria’s northeast.

As part of Lafarge Holcim’s 2030 development plan, Ashaka Cement Company has been involved in other projects such as construction of maternity clinics, electrification projects and road projects across the country. It has also recently  launched Maiganga Employability Artisans Trainee Programme which has empowered over 150 youths.According to Umar, AshakaCem will collaborate with the newly established Gombe State Polytechnic, Bajoga, to deepen artisanship programmes.

“We are grateful for the loyalty of our customers through the years which has allowed us to improve performance year on year. Lafarge Africa is keen on investing in Ashaka. The power plant, infrastructure, and cement capacity are all testament to this commitment. We are celebrating a good year and look forward to even better collaboration in 2019,” said Abdullah Umar.

“This year, we are set to change the way we do business with our customers by empowering our customers to become partners. To achieve this, Lafarge Africa Plc has embarked on a business transformation project, which is aimed at improving operating efficiencies and interactions with our customers for a mutually beneficial relationship.
Our new strategy has started to deliver results and we are on a new path of profitable growth,” he added.


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