Nigeria?s first ultra-modern agro-commodity market nears completion

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Nigeria is set to commission phase one of the Gezawa ultra-modern agricultural produce commodity exchange market in Kano, the first agro-commodity market in the country. The commodity market project consultant Mr. Bimfa Binchang, announced the reports and said that construction works is 80% complete and will soon pave way for phase two and three.

“The eight hectares phase one of this centre will be completed within June and July this year, since we have attained 80% completion of the project. Similarly, we have identified over 1000 farmer cooperative within the state to work with and one of which is the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN),” said Mr. Bimfa.

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Gezawa ultra-modern market

The market which is a product of various business investors is an attempt to unlock the vast potentials of agricultural value chain in the nation. The facility is projected to scale up farmers product’s marketability and link them with prospective buyers with ease and in more serene atmosphere.

Upon completion, the market will assist in eradicating the menace of middlemen in agricultural businesses through guiding the farmers on measures to be taken in tackling issues that have been posing as threat to their existence.

The market will also produce over 2000 direct jobs and more than 5000 indirect jobs and provide an enabling ground for buyers and sellers of agro-commodity to transact business without knowing each other.