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NIOB urges gvt to develop policy to engage local professionals, contractors

The Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB) has urged the Federal Government to evolve a definite policy to engage local professionals and indigenous contractors for involvement in the capacity development of industry practitioners.

According to the NIOB President, Mr Kenneth Nduka, this has become imperative because of the ever-changing socio-economic and technological environment. “The Federal Government should show greater faith in exploring how best to add good value to societal expectations for policy making undertakings to be advantageously harvested,” he said.

He further added that professional institutions like the NIOB have to be rightly situated as lighthouses guiding the members, the industry and general public from bad practice, corruption, indiscipline and bad governance.

The president also pledged that the management and administration will be subjected to periodic audit and scrutiny to sustain administrative effectiveness and improve operational governance.

Mr. Nduka also expressed his disappointment at the lack of political will on the part of all levels of government to effectively situate and enforce a statutory provision that would professionally drive activities in the built environment sector.

He said lack of political will had exposed the built environment and the industry to confused operational rhythms, wasteful resources deployment, and dysfunctional delivery outcomes; which has compromised environmental health and safety, caused proliferation of sick buildings, resultant indulgence to high maintenance cost, prevailing sickening culture of building collapses and pathetic loss of lives and values.


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Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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