Oman Avenues Mall Expansion Project Almost Complete

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Project for the expansion of Oman Avenues Mall which is operated by the United Arab Emirates’ based firm, Lulu Group, and owned by Al Taher Group is reportedly nearing completion. 

The project which is being carried out in four phases includes the expansion of the country’s first IKEA megastore, large-scale infrastructure enhancements as well as the expansion of adjacent roads that will facilitate the building’s connection to major population-centric areas.

Overview of the Oman Avenues Mall expansion project works

The four-laning of the road network behind the mall that has a current existing built-up area of 30,000 square meters, is expected to be completed in the next few days. Additionally, the two bridges that connect the road to either direction of Sultan Qaboos street as well as the new street-level connection from the Sultan-Qaboos street to the lower ground parking of the shopping centre, will be completed soon.

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The Oman Avenues Mall Expansion Project will also feature a dedicated flyover connection. For existing parking spaces, the project developer is working on enhancing their connectivity to the road as well as ensuring that the same will apply to the new parking spaces that will be created.

The entire project is scheduled for completion later on during the year. 

Development Director of the Al Taher Group Remarks on the project 

The Development Director of the Al Taher Group, Mohammed AL Khalili, stated that the company is pleased to be on schedule with the project’s expansion works. He credited their success to the company being fully equipped to take on new global market prospects.