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Partnership agreement signed for Cyan tourism project in Ras Sudr

A strategic partnership agreement to develop the Cyan tourism project in Ras Sudr has been signed. The agreement was signed by El Captain Developments Company and Empire State Developments.

The Cyan tourism project in Ras Sudr is the first tourism-related project the Empire State has launched within its portfolio. This is according to Eng. Moustafa Mohsen, Chairman of Empire State Developments.

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The project will be developed on an area of 14 acres, approximately 100 minutes away from Cairo. It was reportedly meticulously planned, with the application of the highest standards of quality, to achieve the best experience possible.

Mohsen said, “Empire State focuses on attaining quality and services integration within the project. In addition, we seek to execute a distinctive architectural imprint in Ras Sudr, as well as be a nucleus for further innovative and smart projects implemented by the company.”

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Remarks on the Cyan tourism project

In particular, Mohsen noted that the project’s proximity to Cairo and the unique climate and scenery in Ras Sudr year-round make it an opportunity to enjoy during weekends and holidays rather than just during the summer months. The project also includes a hotel that will be operating in the coming months.

According to him, the Cyan tourism project will serve as the foundation for future collaboration with El Captain Developments. He noted that it is planned to work diligently on the project and achieve accelerated implementation. He confirmed that construction works have already started and it is planned to be fully delivered within 3 years.

El Captain Developments Chairman, Khaled Al Fizy stated that working with Empire State Developments is in line with the company’s goals to create a unique project in Ras Sudr. In addition, their partnership will also help to implement a unique project that is worthy of their respective companies.

According to Fizy, the implementation of the Cyan tourism project with the partnership system, which will be a distinctive sign in Ras Sudr will catch the attention of clients once it is launched.

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