Partnership for Implementation of Flint Hills Refinery Solar Project, Minnesota

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Flint Hills refinery solar project, which is set to deliver a 45-MW solar power plant that will power Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend Refinery in Rosemount, Minnesota, that provides gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, heating fuels, asphalt, fertiliser, and chemical building blocks needed in hundreds of everyday items to Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, is moving closer to the execution phase.

Recently, the refining, chemicals, polymers and biofuels company appointed DEPCOM Power, a Koch Engineered Solutions Company and a leading solar energy solutions partner providing development support, engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) operations and maintenance (O&M), energy storage, and repowering + services as the development partner.

Flint Hills refinery solar project overview

The Flint Hills refinery solar project will be carried out on approximately 300 acres of the Flint Hills Resources property in Rosemount, MN, immediately adjacent to the Pine Bend refinery complex. The facility’s expected solar energy production is equivalent to the energy needed to power more than 8,400 homes per year and has a peak capacity of roughly 30% of the refinery’s power needs during optimal conditions.

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Expected to cost US$ 75M the Flint Hills refinery solar will be the greatest direct usage of solar power in the United States, with all of the electricity generated being linked directly to a single building or business.

Pine Bend refinery, one of the most efficient in the country

The Pine Bend refinery is presently one of the most efficient in the country. It has also lowered conventional criterion emissions by 70% since 2000 while growing output to meet demand and has cut greenhouse gases by 10% relative to production since 2010.

Speaking on the project Jeff Ramsey, president and CEO of Flint Hills Resources said that through this initiative, they are strengthening their capacity to offer people the gasoline they require in a way that will allow the company to be more competitive today and in the future.

“Our refinery operations are among the best in the world, and we continue to innovate and find new and better ways to produce and deliver the fuel and other petroleum-derived products that are still critical to the economy and modern life,” concluded Ramsey.