Winvic to construct Peddimore industrial park in Birmingham.

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Winvic has been awarded a contract by IM Properties to hold out engineering and infrastructure works for Peddimore industrial park, Birmingham.
The contractor started on site in July 2021 and is expected to complete by June 2022.

IM Properties are the Birmingham City Council’s development partners for the first phase of Peddimore industrial park, that comprises all infrastructure works and the evolution of 37-hectares of the 71-hectare site. IM Properties uttered that they have committed more than £30m to the site infrastructure, all of the works being delivered by Winvic: earthworks, utility and drainage installation (including telecoms and water diversions), a replacement roundabout on the A38, estate access roads, landscaping, lighting, footpaths and cycleways.

Winvic’s construction is currently stripping top soil from the whole site and setting up screening bunds to the north and south of the site. These range between 80 and 300 metres in length and between 2 and 3.5 metres in height. Cut and fill works will be tackled next to open doors for the warehouse plateaux, reducing the ground adjacent to the A38 to converge with the existing carriageway levels.
Subsequent work consists laying 4,500 metres of drainage pipes, planting thousands of trees and designing the new roundabout. A 60-metre footbridge over the A38 will also be fixed the Peddimore industrial park.

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Winvic is a privately owned company which was formed in 2001 by Simon Girardier, Simon Hunt and Dave Ward. The job started with just seven employees and their first projects were Swan Valley and Brackmills in Northampton. Today, company vision Winvic might not have been presented in the same way all those years ago, but the values were the same since, and born from this is The Winvic Way. Simon Girardier, Simon Hunt and Dave Ward remain Directors, adding more twelve people on the leadership team and with over 400 employees, plus freelance staff. The Construction Board consists of eleven people and the Group Board four.