Plans Approved for “The Forum” a Residential-Led Development in Stevenage

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‘The Forum,’ a residential-led development in Stevenage that will provide 226 build-to-rent units, has received planning clearance. The build-to-rent complex consists of a single residential block of varied heights divided into two cores with the ground and first-floor communal areas, podium level external facilities, and communal rooftop terraces, as well as ground-floor commercial activity.

Developed by J Group, Leo Homes, and V Fund, The Forum will revitalize an underutilized area of town and play a significant role in integrating the old and modern town. The location was formerly held by Office Outlet, which will have to be removed. The project, which is anticipated to cost £49 million to develop, was designed by architect PRP. It is made up of a single huge residential building with varying heights of up to 13 storeys divided across two centers.

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It has been created to be environmentally friendly, sustainable, and of the finest quality. The design team will improve the public realm in the area as part of the proposals, including upgrading the current Fairlands Way underpass.

“We are happy to be participating in this project that will provide much-needed rejuvenation to this region of Stevenage,” says Robert High, associate director at PRP. The team’s goal has been to create a secure and busy street environment, as well as high-quality dwellings that contribute to the vibrancy of the New Town.”

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“All of us here at Leo, J Group, and V Fund is happy to be involved in such a dynamic urban regeneration task in a great town that is undergoing an exciting transition,” said Bob Pecotic, Director at Leo Homes adding, “We couldn’t have done it without our incredible team, including Richard Quelch at Q Square and our brilliant architects PRP.”

PRP has completed a number of innovative Build to Rent projects, including Quintain’s flagship development at Wembley Park and Westfield’s Cherry Park in Stratford. The team is also working on a £1 billion regeneration project in Stevenage.