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Plans set for Heathrow Airport upgrade project in London, UK

Heathrow Airport has chosen Costain to deliver its new investment program, which will primarily focus on upgrading Terminal 2 and improving overall asset efficiency.

Costain is a delivery partner offering construction, consulting, and digital capabilities. Thus, it will collaborate with Heathrow over the next four years.

They will shape, create, and deliver asset renewal and construction projects procured through the H7 framework’s Terminal Asset Renewal Partner and Major Project Partner lots.

Heathrow Airport intends to invest £3.6 billion in capital over the next five years. This will help the airport recover from the commercial impact of Covid.

The project includes next-generation security scanners and a new baggage system in Terminal 2. Consequently, they are expected to cost approximately £1.3 billion.

Costain’s first commission as a delivery partner is early contractor participation in the £35 million design phase of the T2 baggage handling facility and system upgrade.

“I am delighted that our construction, consulting, and digital experts have been selected to help Heathrow transform its performance,” said Sue Kershaw, managing director for Transportation at Costain.

“Our integrated team will collaborate closely with Heathrow to address the challenges of recovering from Covid. This will help become a net-zero airport and attract new customers and airlines. Consequently, it will provide passengers with a world-class airport experience.”

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Upgrade works at Heathrow Airport

The Costain Heathrow team will work on projects throughout their lifecycle, including the following items:

  • Terminal 2 and adjacent facilities will be upgraded and improved.
  • Major projects, such as the construction of baggage handling facilities and the implementation of baggage systems.

Helen Elsby, Heathrow’s chief solutions officer, stated, “We have bold plans to improve Heathrow over the next four years. This will ensure journeys are smooth, safe, and dependable.”

“We are pleased to have chosen a number of excellent partners on the critical infrastructure upgrades that will underpin this. Consequently, we will continue to work with our regulator on a deal that supports this critical work.

We are delighted to welcome Costain back to Heathrow and to be working with them. This will lead to the upgrade of the airport’s passenger experience.”

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