Plans set to transform Oxford Street’s former BHS building

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Plans are underway to transform Oxford Street’s former BHS building into a community hub featuring council and community services. Leading building firm Kier Construction has been selected as the main contractor. Thus, they are set to bring the next stage of design and enabling works.

Beginning in the fall, renovations will be made to the structure. This will provide easy access to important services provided by the council and other organizations. This building’s renovation according to Rob Stewart is incredibly exciting. In addition, the council’s leader said that the fact that Kier is supporting the project is encouraging.

The company is a top-tier construction firm in Britain with a wealth of expertise in repurposing old structures. By using local employees and apprentices, Kier has agreed to support local jobs and skills as part of the contract.

Kier helped us establish the Bay Field Hospital for the NHS during the epidemic under very strict timeframes. They were responsible for enhancements at YG Gwyr and YGG Tan-y-Lan projects. The projects have been warmly appreciated by students and parents alike,” said Stewart.

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Transformation of Oxford Street’s former BHS building

The community center would provide a wonderful new library and local services hub in the heart of the city. This is directly near to the envisioned new Castle Square Gardens. The garden is presently undergoing public input before being taken into consideration by the planning committee.

“The library and archive services, as well as a number of other important public and third-party support services, will be relocated into a single building. The building will have an open and welcoming environment. It will therefore provide substantial benefits for the community and the council.

The project to transform Oxford Street’s former BHS building will therefore be a remarkable example of sustainable city center redevelopment. Furthermore, it will be lowering carbon consumption in the fight against climate change,” stated Cllr. Stewart.

In addition to the advantages of the arena and Castle Square, which are subject to planning clearance, “between them the current Central Library and archive services get roughly 300,000 visits a year — that’s a lot of extra footfall that will promote city center commerce and jobs.”